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  • Where do we begin selecting a wedding dj?

    The first place you can look is the venue. Do they have a preferred list of vendors they recommend? Next, google search of course! Try typing in your location, ie) Phoenix Wedding Djs and see what pops up! The final avenue would be to check out theknot.com or weddingwire.com. Consider these two sites as your mini-search engines for wedding vendors in general. Make sure the company you select is willing to meet at the venue to do a pre-site survey if they aren't familiar with it. This is especially important in Arizona. Many wedding venues in Sedona, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas have different rooms for breathtaking views and need to be setup properly with sound.

    Create a short-list of vendors that appeal to you and reach out to them for an informal phone conversation. From there, get pricing and other information about their Djs. Narrow your list down and set up an in-person meeting with a few Djs that you feel fit your needs and most importantly have plenty of experience.

    If you're planning from afar, a Skype meeting always works to put a face to the name!

    Tip: Check out reviews on yelp, weddingwire, theknot and google. Great companies usually have more than 10 reviews on each. This way you know they are LEGIT!



  • What Makes a Great DJ?

    Simply put, a great DJ is someone that plays the right music at the right time. An easy job you'd think, but it's very easy to screw up! A great Dj will also be someone with at least 5 year experience; why 5 years? 5 years of playing for different crowds creates the experience a DJ needs to cater to any audience.

    Other attributes your DJ will need to possess are "mixing" abilities, "MC" skills and overall teamwork qualities.

  • Why Non-Stop Entertainment? --Shameless plug!

    As owner and found of Non-Stop Entertainment, I've been DJ-ing for 23 years! All of our DJs have at least 10 years experience and we love what we do! We have the right tools to make your dream day stress-free and provide a night of unbelievable wedding entertainment for years to come.

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