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  • The Glen Club

    The Glen Club is located in Glenview Illinois and has one of the most exquisite entrances I've ever seen! You'll feel as if you're entering a private estate in California. It's that beautiful! Upon entering the Glen Club catering manager Michael Koenig greets guests and directs them to cocktail hour on the patio. 

    Adjacent to the patio are four or five doors which lead straight into the seating area; it's an easy transition to dinner from cocktail hour. With cathedral ceilings, guests get the first glimpse of a breathtaking venue. 

    Kim and Erik chose some entrance music from the Blues Brothers soundtrack for their wedding party to walk into. With an unobstructed walk to the dance-floor, it worked well! 

    Dinner was remarkable and Mike was oh-so-nice to us vendors getting us waters and really anything we needed. 1st class all the way! Kim _ Erik chose to separate their speeches, so Dad went first, her maids-of-honor second and Erik's two brothers went last.

    Erik and Kim booked the photo booth only weeks before the wedding! At the end of the night, he thanked me and told me he was GLAD they did. 

  • After dinner was the first dance of course! Being a very lively group, all the guests waived their lighters to the first dance song which was You and Me by Lifehouse. Classic! Although, I don't think THAT many guests smoked! They must've brought the lighters in-preparation for an awesome first dance!

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