Selecting Your DJ – Hopefully Us!

Your wedding DJ sets the tone for the whole reception party. Choose the right one and your friends and guests will fill the dance floor. Choose the wrong one and your reception will be a drag. Here are some tips for finding the perfect wedding DJ with the skills and expertise to bring your reception to life.


1) Experience

A polished professional DJ knows how to read a crowd. He can watch to see what types of music the guests are reacting to. Plus your DJ helps to keep the flow of events happening and on time. You’ll want a team player who works closely with the photographer and wedding planner to keep the night running without a hitch. DJs who do this full time for a living are more devoted then a freelancer who was hired on the side by a DJ company. Also find out how your DJ will dress. You don’t want someone who shows up in shabby jeans and a button up shirt with some old equipment they found in their garage.


2) Word of Mouth

If you haven’t seen a good DJ lately, ask around and your friends and family can quickly tell you who the fun DJ’s are. Check with your friends who just got married. Read online reviews. Make sure that brides are singing their praises for the fun that DJ brings to the table.


3) Personalize Your Day

A skilled DJ will go to great lengths to make it a party that reflects your wedding tastes. You can request special songs for the special events at the wedding like the first dance, daddy daughter dance, garter toss etc. Also make sure they are willing to play any special requests the guests may have during the reception. Little touches like learning about the bridal party to make the personalized introductions can add a special touch. If you are stumped for suggestions, ask if he has a music list to guide you.


4) Dynamic Personality

You want a DJ with charisma, a fun attitude, and great energy. See if you can meet the DJ in advance. Ask if you can go to a DJ showcase or see the DJ at another wedding to make sure you enjoy their personality.
5) Responsible

Check that the DJ is responsible. Does he show up with plenty of setup time? Does he have up to date equipment? Does he have a back up DJ and back up equipment for emergencies? Check that they are willing to stay until the end of the night. You don’t want to DJ packing up early before the end of the night. The party is over when the music ends.


Good luck in finding the perfect wedding DJ – someone who packs the dance floor and keeps spinning the hits.

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