Ruffled Feathers Golf Club Lemont

An iconic golf club that stands on the outskirts of Lemont, Ruffled Feathers Golf Club has been a great venue to play at.  One of the great things about this venue is there’s a nice long bar that can easily accomodate a large crowd. And the bartenders are young and FAST! Trust me, I’ve noticed long lines at certain venues where the guests have to wait and wait to get a drink. Not the case here! Plus, the bar is only about 10 feet from the dancefloor. This massively, yes massively, helps any event! While guests are able to mingle near the bar, it doesn’t take away from the dancefloor.. cocktail waitress anyone?? That would be  a nice addition at a venue… Sorry tangeted… With a big enough room to accommodate 225-250 guests, it’s still small enough to provide a quaint setting for your special day. Our suggestion.. Add some uplighting.  Anywhere from 15-20 work at this classic venue.

Did we mention the staff is friendly?? Kathy has been there since we’ve been playing and she helps up with a smile on every occasion!

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