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Enclosed Photo Booths

Tradtional, Classic. The Enclosed Photo Booth

A private, discreet photo session for every guest. How does it work?? Guests walk in to the booth and close the curtain. They then simply press the camera button to begin. The countdown timer will let them know exactly when each picture is being taken. Once they see a flash, it displays their image for 2 seconds, then on to the next! Once the session is completed, guests can choose a filter, share via social media with a gif or .jpg (wi-fi required) or simply select the number of prints they’d like.

What’s So Cool?

Two prints per session? We don’t think so. Our software auto-prints two prints, your guests then have the option to print even more copies via touchscreen control. (with 3 hour and up packages or scrapbook purchase)

8 second Dye-Subs and DSLR’s along with external flashes; yeah, we’re nerds, but you’ll get the best quality photos and you’ll get them fast. No webcams or blurred faces.
Over 1,000 Templates To Choose From
Assisting Your Guests With Every Step (If Needed)
  • 18 Megapixel DSLR Camera
  • Reflective-Sheer, Black Backdrop
  • Custom Templates For Every Event
  • Touch Screen, “Mirrored” Monitor (See yourself)
  • Booth Add-Ons – HD Video, Morphing, GIFs, Social Sharing
  • Black and White, Color and other Filters Available
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Cutting Edge Photo Booth Technology

Seen that Kardashian filter?? Yeah.. we can do it 😉
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