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  • Photo Booth Templates

  • Modern Minimalist Collection

    Our Modern Minimalist photo booth templates are suitable for any event. Focus is on the picture quality, not the template itself. Sometimes simple is more, right?

  • 2x6 Inch Photo Strips

  • 4x6 Inch Postcards

  • Glimmer & Gold Collection

    Snazzy, colorful, bold and elegant. Dress up your template in this and it might not come home!

  • Botanical Collection

    Adds a subtle, elegant floral flare to your template. 

  • 4x6 Inch Prints

  • Seasonal & Holiday Collection

    Photo booth templates based on seasons and also holidays.

  • Holiday Sparkle Collection

    Hosting a Holiday Soireé? Start here for your template selection.

  • 2X6 Inch Strips

  • 4x6 Inch Postcards