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We all know the wedding drill, right? Guests sit down, groom comes in, bride shows up, vows, kiss, food, first dance, toast, cake, bouquet/garter toss, and good night. These are the standard traditions of most American weddings, and they can get a little bit repetitive a few times. Chances are, your guests have been on this merry-go-round before, and think they know what to expect. By personalizing the details of your wedding, however, you can escape wedding guest malaise and give them a brand new experience. If you want your wedding to be one for the books, look for ways that you can make it completely personal.


Pick an Interactive Theme: People get confused between a “theme” and a “motif.” A motif is when you like owls, so you put pictures of owls on the invites, the place cards, and have little bitty owls as a cake topper. A theme, on the other hand, is an all-encompassing idea that affects the majority of decisions in the wedding or reception. Themes determine the food, the décor, the music, the formality, and the activities of a wedding, to some degree. By choosing a theme, you immerse your guests in a scenario and concept which can be much more engaging than simply relying on a visual motif to define the style of your wedding. Your first step to a personalized wedding is definitely picking a theme.


Get Personal: It’s generically assumed that two people getting married are “in love.” But, each relationship is different, and we believe that, at your wedding, the two of you should be celebrated, not just the general idea of a couple in love. Make the wedding personal by including details that are specific to your relationship. One great idea is to put a different “fun fact” about your history together on each table to let guests learn more about you. Serve a drink you invented together, make the centerpieces the same as the first bouquet he or she ever gave you- the more you make it specific, the more the guests will feel part of an intimate experience, rather than a generic wedding.


Play with your Food: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The best way to excite a wedding guest is to give them fun food. Everyone has had chicken, fish, or the vegetarian entrée a million times and we think you can do better. Set up a vodka tasting bar, a make-your-own sundae stand, or a customizable mac-and-cheese station, and we promise you will be hearing good things about it for at least the next year. Anything that breaks the monotony of a typical buffet or plated meal is a great way to make the experience more memorable. To make it more personal, choose a “fun food” that reflects your relationship. If you both adore mashed potatoes or must have a churro at every theme park, bring that in to the dining experience for a fun, all-about-you change from the norm.


Be Fred and Ginger: We may be a little cheesy here, but we firmly believe that a customized first dance is a great symbol of your relationship. Whether you spend weeks at beginning ballroom classes, or choreograph a talent show-esque routine yourselves, the effort involved says something about the two of you. Since you perform your first dance in public, it is, to some extent, a form of entertainment, so make it entertaining! Guests will get bored if you spin around in a circle for four minutes, so take the opportunity to learn a few dazzling moves or at least a few silly ones. And remember, in terms of keeping the party going, your guests are more likely to get out there and have “the time of their liiiiives” if they see you going for it with gusto!


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