Omar Souleyman: Wedding Singers and DJs as Forces of Change [Video]

One doesn’t associate a wedding DJ or singer with social change and with good reason; our perception of wedding DJs and singers, for the most part, are guided by clichés and stereotypes. Can wedding music and wedding singers change the world for the better?  They certainly make the world a more intimate and enjoyable place, harnessing the romantic exuberance and boundless optimism deep inside all of us and use that very human energy to power a dancehall, room and event. In other words, a wedding DJ or singer is a windmill, using music as a force of positive change.

Changing the world’s flow and the dance floor’s flow is the same thing. Perhaps no one represents this idea better than Syrian singer Omar Souleyman does. Souleyman is huge now, having just released an album entitled “Wenu Wenu.” He began his career as a wedding singer back in 1994 and became so  popular that live recordings he gave to the married couples would be copied and make their way to neighborhood kiosks for sale. Because of this, Souleyman has around five hundred studio and live albums! His legend began to grow and soon he was playing shows in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. He is the master of Syrian Dabke, a regional folkloric dance and party, and over the years,  artists from around the globe have collaborated with him, including Bjork and the Gorillaz.

Souleyman went from wedding singer to international superstar, but the idea of weddings still play a prominent role in his music and the way he presents himself. In an interview with NPR’s Renee Montagne, Souleyman said, “

[Weddings] are important for experimenting  in different kinds of music. In the region where I’m from, weddings have been really important in mixing different kinds of musical heritage.” See? That is the strength of weddings, combining various moods, styles and ambitions to create an open, democratic and positive atmosphere. That is the role of the wedding singer and DJ.

At Chicago’s Non-Stop Entertainment, our wedding DJs aren’t all the same, with a style all to their own. Although they may be different, each one is windmill, harnessing the energy of a room to produce an unparalleled positivity. Call us if you’re planning a wedding in the Chicago area. And remember Souleyman’s words: “[Weddings are important for experimenting in different kinds of music.” That’s what you get with Non-Stop Entertainment!

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