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  • FAQ

    • What type of event is your specialty?

      While we really can handle ANY event, weddings are our specialty. There's something about a group of family and friends coming together to celebrate this life moment that we just excel, enjoy and love to be a part of.

    • Can I see my DJ perform before deciding to book them?

      If your DJ is performing at an event that's open to the public, we'll invite you to see them. Private events are closed to the public. We are happy to provide video demos in the near future.

    • Why do I have to sign a contract?

      This simple process protects not only us, but you. It explains expectations of both parties. Don't book a DJ that doesn't offer some sort of professional contract.

    • Can Wedding DJ provide music and sound for the ceremony too?

      Definitely! If there's an extra system needed, there will be an additional charge. Request our pricing for more information.

    • How can I make sure that Wedding DJ will have all of my special songs and play them at my event?

      Easy, through our online planner of course! Once we send the agreement you'll have full access to the forms. Here you can request music, create a timeline and start planning your event. 

    • I have so many other questions? Can you answer them?

      YES! Even if you'd like to just "pick-our-brain." We're happy to have a discussion about your visions, expectations and concerns in hiring an entertainer. Call us directly or just use the QUICK CONTACT form to the right. We promise NOT to give a "sales spiel," but will listen and address your questions/concerns.