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    From age 12 I've been known as "that Dj" for local tween house parties and dances. This eventually led to Djing kiddie-clubs, college dorms, 21-an-up bars/clubs and now private events and weddings. I DJ'd my first wedding at age 17! (Yes, I had to run to Coconuts to buy a CD the week before!) From throwing events, hosting events to performing at events - you can rest assured that you have someone fully-capable of creating a party atmosphere and making sure the night runs smoothly.

    In addition to the know-how, I carry the best gear, backup gear and other top-of-the-line equipment. Being a Phoenix Wedding Dj I've learned what it takes to trek the heat.

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    Not all Phoenix wedding djs are created equal -- I take great pride in what my setup look likes and feel that it's a reflection of my clients. First, I built custom aluminum/acrylic facades, which most of our DJs use. For myself, I've created a 60"x28" custom DJ booth that features a 60" TV on the front. This showcases pictures, slideshows, animated monograms --- whatever you want! We can even mix music videos with it!



    Another fun to-do with my DJ booth--- Turn it into a HASHTAG SELFIE STATION! Guests can use your event custom hashtag on TWITTER or Instagram to send pictures straight to our booth and showcase them during cocktail hour, dinner or throughout the entire night! Don't worry, we filter the "inappropriate" pictures ;)

    Not into social media? A custom phone number will be displayed so your guests can simply text their image and message.