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uplighting (1 of 1)Imagine your guests walking into an extraordinary room that POPS! Create the ambiance, elegance and atmosphere that your event deserves!

Wedding Uplighting – How Does it Work?

It’s the 21st century and finally we’ve been able to produce light that emits little or no heat! Thease are LED lights that take up very little electricity as well. So no popping breakers or leaving your guests in the dark to wonder “what in the world is going on!”

Wedding Uplighting – How Many Do We Need?

To accent a 10 ft wall, tyically 3 uplights are needed. Contact your Non-Stop Dj or event coordinator for more info specifically on your venue. If you’ve already booked a Dj with us and we’re unsure about the exact amount needed at your venue, we’ll come out at no charge to survey your venue.
Typically anywhere from 15-30 lights are needed to properly light up a room.

Wedding Uplighting – Cool Effects?

Of course by now you’ve probably seen uplighting at a wedding or corporate event.



What is something special that you can do to create an even better atmosphere for your guests? Here are some fun ideas!



  • Have us set up DMX, color changing uplights at your event! – For a small fee we can create a plethora of colors that will slowly fade from one color to the next¬†uplighting-(1-of-1)-3webthroughout the evening. A slow-constant motion of lighting dazzles your guests without overpowering their senses.
  • Uplights Behind Curtains – By curtaining off walls, you can create more of a fairy tale effect.
  • Alternating Colors – Alternating colors or hues can add a bold statement to your room.